7 Mistakes Made During Pregnancy

Pregnancy mistakes

Pregnancy is the most special period in women’s life where there are a number of changes, both spiritually and physically. Among the most problems experienced in this process, sexual problems are the least expressed, often shared situation when there is a risky situation or when problems start to occur between spouses. However, the place of happy and regular sex life to have a healthy pregnancy and raise a happy child is indisputable. Misthings among the public about sex life during pregnancy are the most important factor in the couple’s cooling off.



WRONG: Is the first 3 months of pregnancy low when you have intercourse?

The first months of pregnancy are the most dangerous process in which the baby clings to the body and the body accepts the baby. At the same time, ultrasonographic examination of the baby starting with health and the pregnancy pouch does not increase the risk of miscamoral intercourse during pregnancy, which is not a problem in the mother who does not have problems, such as pain and bleeding. You can continue your previous sex life as long as your physician does not impose a relationship ban.

WRONG: Is there a sperm and semen transition to the baby when you have intercourse while pregnant?

During pregnancy, dark mucus plugs form in the cervix and prevent the passage of vaginal secretions into the uterus. When the baby is in the womb and protected by a water sac, the medi fluid that comes into the vagina will not reach the baby or enter the uterus and harm the baby. There is no need to use preventive barriers such as condoms.

WRONG: The relationship in pregnancy is very painful.

Depending on the changing hormonal levels, the secretions and ph balance of the vagina vary. With increased blood flow, the vagina becomes fuller and more responsive. With vaginal fluid increase, susceptibility to infections may increase. As a result of all these changes, there may not be vagina walls as wet and willing as in the pre-pregnancy period, which can result in pain during the first entry. However, after couples experience this condition and make the vagina more suitable, there may be no pain problems.


Mistakes that Made During Pregnancy

WRONG: Orgasms are not expected when pregnant.

As thought, it is easier to orgasm during pregnancy. Increased hormone levels and blood flow are expected earlier and stronger orgasms are usually expected in the second trimestrnda of pregnancy. After orgasm, it contributes greatly to the rest of the mother with a more comfortable and peaceful sleep process. Some women admit to discovering femism while pregnant.

WRONG: Orgasm is the cause of premature birth, is it harmful to the baby?

Orgasm is defined as a series of consecutive muscle movement occurring in the uterus and vagen, and arrhythmia in the heart. At the same time, the contractions in this uterus are temporary and the baby does not feel these contractions because it is protected inside the water sac. At the same time the baby is happy in the mother’s belly with happiness hormones rising with orgasm.

WRONG: My wife doesn’t want me like this and she doesn’t like me, so I stay out of the relationship.

Women feel forced to choose between basic instincts and feelings of motherhood, and choose motherhood, which they see as more sacred. Together with the changing body shape, they think that their wives do not like themselves, suppress their desire and approach their wives with feelings of motherhood. But men think that women are crowned with motherhood and are even more valued, and their desires are just as much as they used to be.

WRONG: Is sexual intercourse the cause of premature birth in recent months during pregnancy?

Sexual intercourse is safe until birth in pregnant women without uterine contractions, no risk factors or cervical failure for premature birth. A number of uterine muscle agents secreted from seine cannot initiate childbirth in pregnant women who do not experience dangerous pregnancy. Unless your physician has a ban, the relationship may continue as often as before.

7 Mistakes Made During Pregnancy

Situations Where Sexual Relation Is Forbidden During Pregnancy

  1. Low threat of bleeding pain in the first 3 months
  2. Situations where the placenta closes the cervi gly
  3. Patients who have previously had stitches in the cervi cervi after premature birth
  4. Patients with recurrtive fall
  5. Vaginal infection cases
  6. Presence of sexually transmitted disease

Except in these cases, pregnant women who are under regular doctor control do not need to have their sex life restricted during pregnancy. However, of course, sleep, nausea, changing hormone levels, physical fatigue level problems can sometimes also decrease sexual desire. Maintaining communication between spouses in love-based sexual approaches during this time period helps to ensure that this process is satisfactory and happy for both parties.

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