7 Foods That Increase Sperm Count

Foods That Increase Sperm Count

There are many factors that are effective on sperm in men and ovacy quality in women. Generally, sperm quality has a structure that is affected by environmental factors. Factors such as air pollution, cigarette smoke, excessive stress can cause damage to sperm. In addition, varicocelae or hormonal disorders can have a negative effect on sperm. In addition, balanced nutrition with the right foods is of great importance for body health as well as for the continuation of healthy generations.

One of the most important criteria that determines having children is the sperm quality of men. So what can be done to improve sperm quality? Recent studies and scientific research results show that men’s eating habits poor sperm quality. Foods have a significant effect on sperm quality as well as lifestyle. Some foods may play an important role in improving sperm quality with a number of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Foods That Increase Sperm Count

Sperm count and health are very important for having children. These foods help men increase sperm count, mobility. One of the things that couples trying to have children should consider is sperm count. Low sperm count reduces the chance of fertilization of the egg, i.e. pregnancy. There are many reasons for low sperm count, from physical problems to stress. It is possible to use some foods to increase sperm count. Here are the foods that positively affect the increase in sperm count…

7 Foods To Boost Sperm Count


Banana is one of the fruits that positively affect sperm quality thanks to the bromelain enzyme contained in it. Bromelin, a natural anti-inflammatory, contributes to sperm mobility as well as this feature. It also contains vitamin C, A and B1, which will improve the body’s ability to produce sperm. Bananas contain vitaminS A, B1 and C, all three of which have a positive effect on sperm strength, health and productivity. Bananas also contains the enzyme Bromelain, which significantly increases sperm count.


Walnuts are among the most rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids accelerate blood flow to the testicles in male individuals. In this way, it supports sperm production. Walnuts are a source rich in omega 3 and 1 handful of walnuts consumed every day positively affect sperm count, movement and shape. It can be mixed with nutrients or consumed during the hours when blood sugar drops.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of the foods that has a positive effect on sperm. Dark chocolate, which has many health benefits thanks to its antioxidant ingredients, contains an amino acid called L-Arginine HCL. This amino acid can increase the volume of meth. The black or dark chocolate amino acid L-Arginine is rich in HCL. Dark chocolate also increases orgasm intensity.


Garlic contains plenty of selenium and vitamin B6. These components are important for the production of healthy and adequate sperm in the body. In addition, the blood cleansing elements found in garlic prevent blood accumulation in the arteries, increase the amount of blood going to the testicles and prepare the environment necessary for the healthiest way to continue sperm production.


One of the most important minerals needed for male reproductive health is zinc. Carob, which contains plenty of zinc, provides a protective effect against cancer thanks to its antioxidant properties, while at the same time ensure that sperm production continues in a healthy way and that the sperm count is sufficient. In addition, the enzymes contained in the carob facilitate the interaction between sperm and eggs.


In order for sperm to develop healthily, sufficient folic acid must be taken into the body. Folic acid is abundant in green leafy vegetables and one of its most important sources is spinach. Like most leafy green vegetables, spinach is a rich source of folic acid. In case of no folic acid, their sperm becomes increasingly weak and decreases. Low levels of folic acid in men disrupt sperm health, significantly lowering sperm’s chances of reaching the egg and interacting with the egg. For this reason, regular consumption of spinach positively affects sperm health, quality and quantity by ensuring that this vitamin is taken in sufficient amounts to the body.


Another food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids is fish. Fish such as salmon, mackerel and anchovies in particular contain plenty of omega 3. Consuming fish 2-3 times a week maintains the balance of blood lipids and protects against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Due to its high omega 3 content and abundant zinc minerals, fish also provide sperm-enhancing properties. Fish and other seafood rich in vitamins C, D and B12 and minerals such as iron, copper and selenium increase the volume of semen while positively affecting sperm health and quality.

Sperm Count

Sperm Quality Is More Important Than Sperm Count

Recent research reveals that sperm quality is more important than sperm count. Sperm are very sensitive and vulnerable to the effects of free radicals called oxidative stress. Molecules called free radicals are formations associated with cellular destruction that can damage the function and vitality of sperm.

Negative life factors such as poor and unbalanced diet, cigarette smoke, air pollution and environmental pollution cause damage to sperm. While the natural antioxidants normally contained in the semen play the role of a defense mechanism against this damage, sperm can be badly damaged if the above negative effects have also affected this defense system.

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