How to Avoid Spring Allergy?

How to Avoid Spring Allergy? – Spring Allergy

For some of us, going out in the spring means dealing with spring allergies. For those who want to watch nature wake up on the spot, we have written down ways to deal with allergies naturally. We have good news and bad news for spring allergy people. The good news is, i’m not going to You’re not alone. Spring allergy affects 30 percent of people worldwide. So it’s not hard to find someone who understands you. The bad news is that the allergy season is getting longer and more violent thanks to air pollution and climate change. According to research, the number of pollen increases every year and is predicted to double by 2040. For example, if you are experiencing more symptoms than usual this year, you can blame the warm winter and the early onset of hot weather.

Symptoms of Spring Allergy

Spring allergy is hard to deal with. Some people drop the subject and spend the season with handkerchiefs, while others find the cure in allergy medications, even needles. And how to protect against spring allergies?

What Are Symptoms of Spring Allergy?

How to tell about spring allergy, which can lead to bigger problems when necessary precautions are not taken? People with spring allergies often have a common common. Spring allergy to the skin, nasal blockage, sneezing crises, itching on the nose and daggy are among the first signs of allergies. In addition, spring allergy can lead to symptoms such as redness of the face, ear itching, frequent nosebleeds, watering of the eyes, symptoms of eye allergies and itching, cough.

Prevent Spring Allergy

Ways to Prevent Spring Allergy

Spring is a fascinating season, with colorful flowers and a lush veiled nature. But come to think of it, pollen allergy sufferer doesn’t like this season at all. Because the pollen that plants throw into the air is turning the patient’s life into a nightmare, opening up years to the increase in allergic symptoms. Allergic symptoms that increase in spring can be deductive to the quality of life for many people. We can reduce allergies with some small precautions, which can be encountered with nasal discharge, itching, redness, sneezing or much heavier tables. Here are ways to avoid spring allergies!

Close Windows

I know you want to open the windows completely and insiating fresh air as the weather warms up in the spring. But if you have an allergic structure, think again before ventilating the house. Especially in spring, the number of pollen increases a lot in the air, and these pollen can trigger your allergy. You can try window filters.

Bee As Soon As You Enter The House

Every time you enter your home, you bring with you small pieces of the outside world. After staying outdoors, your clothes, shoes, hair and skin are covered with small pollen from everywhere you are. Take a shower and change your clothes to remove any allergy causes.

Wear a Mask

If you have a very allergic structure, you can prevent it from entering the respiratory tract with a mask when you cannot avoid allergy triggers outside. Sold in many pharmacies and medical supplies stores, it can block many of the smaller particles, such as breathing masks, pollen and other allergens.

Increase Fluid Intake

Target to increase your fluid intake on days when you feel allergic. Adequate fluid increases your body’s moisture, thins and relaxes the mucous membrane in the nose. Tea, in particular, can have a mitigating effect on allergy symptoms and helps to relax thanks to steam.

Head Towards Nature

Target to reach the most natural not only in the foods you eat, but in everything you use. One of the best ways to avoid allergens is to keep the house clean at all times. But harsh chemicals can irritate your nasal canals and exacerbate your symptoms. Therefore, you can make natural cleaners with everyday products such as vinegar or carbonate.

Steam Therapy

It’s an old habit from our mothers, but I think it still works. If you have complaints such as blocked nose and difficult breathing, you can do steam therapy by sliding your head over a bowl full of warm water. To increase the effect, you can cover the top of your head with a towel and mix a small amount of mint into the water.

Be Careful What You Eat

Spring allergy can’t be matched to a single nutrient, of course, but some foods can help ease allergic symptoms, while others can worsen the condition. Oily fish and fresh vegetables containing omega-3 can alleviate allergic symptoms of fruits, research says, although more data is needed yet. Furthermore, some research suggests that probiotic bacteria in the gut can help reduce allergic symptoms.

Get Rid of Spring Allergy

What’s Good For Spring Allergy?

Does spring allergy, a common disease in seasonal transitions, pass? 100% treatment of spring allergy is not possible. In order to avoid allergies, some points need to be considered. Avoiding dusty and smoking environments, not going out in the early morning when pollen is very dense and in windy weather are among the spring allergy measures.

How to Get Rid of Spring Allergy?

Some natural ways may be used to alleviate the symptoms of spring allergy. The phenol compound, known as quarsetin, has anti histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. Quaarsetin is found in onions, apples and citrus fruits.

Regular use of foods containing quaarsetin, which prevents the secretion of histamine, helps to pass spring allergy. Cough grass, an anti histamic herb, is also an active plant in the treatment of spring allergy. Another herbal solution is nettle tea. Nettle tea, which is smoked before symptoms begin, has an allergy-preventing effect. The most common form of spring allergy is pollen that has been ingested in your skin. Spring allergy applying mild salt water to the nose with the nose wash container used for nasal congestion and nasal itching helps to throw out allergens and has a reducing effect on symptoms.

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