What is Jawline and How is it applied?

jawline filling

Jawline, one of the types of facial aesthetics applied with unique facial features, is also known as jawline line filler. Jawline filling can support jaw filler. Jawline has recently become an aesthetic trend, the process of clarifying facial lines with jaw intervention. The aesthetic intervention on the chin not only emphasizes facial features, but also shows a more elegant and strong facial expression. In addition, jawline filler is the main aesthetic choice for patients who want to have more angular faces.

What is the Jawline

What is the Jawline?

With Jawline practice, you can change various parts of the face and give an aesthetic appearance. This is filled with the upper face area, forehead, which surrounds the bones, cheeks and nasolabial lines of the middle face area. The jawline should be applied to the lower area and applied along the jawline (including the jaw tip). A common problem for patients who want to fill the tip of their jaws is that their jaws are positioned further back than they should, so their facial features appear rounder. Patients with round face contours appear to be fatter than they complain. Standing in the background of the jaw allows the dining area to stand out and will lubricate the face, no matter how weak the patient.

How is Jawline Implemented?

In terms of jaw, the line towards the jaw tip is called the jawline, but in jawline line filling application, not only this area, but also the line from ear to chin tip is used and the filling process is applied accordingly. In the application of the jawbone, filler injections are performed under the skin and bones through needles and cannulas. When selecting Jawline fillers, it is best to use as hard a filling as possible.

Fillers containing hyaluronic acid can be used to make jaw lines. During the application, it is determined how much fillers are injected by looking at the patient’s facial structure and jaw line. In other words, create a separate injection plan for each patient and it is understood how many ml should be used according to the patient’s needs.

In this procedure, which does not require patient anesthesia, the drug is used as an effective cream and in this way the pain is eliminated. Jawline filler is a very simple procedure, but it is one of the non-surgical aesthetic applications that shows immediate results. It takes about 1 week for the jaw filler to fully settle on the face and achieve the desired effect.


What are the advantages of Jawline Surgery?

Due to genetic characteristics or later deformation, the appearance of the jawline can be changed by applying jawline line. Patients with obscure jawlines seem to be more obese than they are, and their expression can be disrupted because their facial features are round. Having different facial features directly changes facial expressions and helps make the facial area more attractive. Since Jawline is not a surgical procedure, patients can continue their daily lives immediately after application. There is no problem with the healing process in jawline filling applications that do not require anesthesia. Jaw application is a very attractive and effective option, especially for patients who are worried about surgery and do not have time to recover.

Is A Young Face Obtained With Jawline Filler?

The structural shape of a young face is a triangular structure. As people age, the triangular appearance of jaw structures changes. The older you get, the more square you look. The square face structure can be easily ovaled with jaw filler applications. You can get a better chin look by nicening the look in the jaw area.

Jawline Filler

Does Jawline Filler Have An Effect on Skin Sagging?

It is also possible to destroy the skin sagging that has occurred in that area by application to the notches around the jaw and the circular folds that come down from the corner of the mouth structure with jaw fillings. At the same time, by filling the oear at the bottom of the jaw, the depth of that area can be minimized and it becomes possible to achieve a more stylish and aesthetic jaw structure.

What Is Jawline Filling Permanent?

Jaw area and jaw tip fillings are applied with thick and dense fillings that also have a heavy lifting effect for the cause of tissue alignion in the existing area and for the lines to become apparent. The permanability of the applied filling varies depending on the characteristics and structural condition of the person, but varies between twelve and eighteen months.

Edema and hardness are felt in the area where the application was performed in the one-week period after the application was made. The filling, which is applied at the end of two weeks, is in harmony with the tissues in that region. Softening begins in the area where hardness and edema are felt. After jaw filler operations, positive differences are felt in the appearance of the face line. Immediately after the edema that will occur, the striking image on the filling jaw will begin to be revealed more clearly.

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